Freya is a functional web programming stack for F#. Freya emphasises expressivity, safety, and correctness and is compatible with most server technologies in the .NET space.

Getting Started

The documentation for Freya comes in various forms (as detailed below).


Getting Started needs completing.


The documentation for Freya is organized in to categories to help you find what you’re looking for more easily:

  • Reference – contains guides to specific libraries and components of Freya, giving a technical view of what is available from each component and how they may be used.
  • Topics – contains guides specific to certain topics and may cover background information, explanations of design choices and approaches, and may cover multiple parts of Freya when they can be used in concert.
  • Recipes – contains guides to accomplishing specific tasks with Freya. They may range from the very simple to advanced use-cases, and may span the whole range of the Freya stack.
  • Tutorial – contains longer form guides, usually covering a complete process of building some web application, and which are likely to cover various elements of Freya along the way.

Next Steps

Contributions to Freya (in any form) are very much welcomed, and if you wish to get involved in any way, see the information on contributing. If you just want to play with Freya and use it for your own things – great! Just remember, if you ever want to get involved, or simply talk about Freya or ask questions – you’ll be welcomed when you do.