There are several ways to get in touch!


Probably the quickest way to ask a question and chat it through is to ask on the Freya Gitter channel – while it’s not always going to be answered immediately, people are often available, and responses don’t usually take too long! If you’re on the FSSF Slack channels, some of the maintainers are also often available there.


If you want to raise an issue relating to Freya, or suggest a new feature – or an improvement to an existing one – then the main Freya repository on GitHub should be your first stop.

Issues, feature requests, etc. for Freya are tracked and managed using the GitHub Issues process. While Freya is split in to multiple repositories, issues raised against the main repository can be moved as needed, and it is often easier to work out where they should live later!


If you just want to send an email to a human being, then that’s possible too. Email for an open-ended channel.