Contributions to Freya in any form are very welcome. Whether you just want to correct some grammar in the documentation (!) or you’d like to contribute a new feature, you’re involvement will be appreciated and respected. If you’re not sure how you’d like to be involved, but feel that you would in some way – get in Contact. Regardless of experience, skill level or time available, there’s probably something for you!


If you’re not comfortable with GitHub – or Git in general – or you’re not familiar with any of the processes mentioned below, don’t worry. If you contact a maintainer by Email or on Twitter, they’ll help you through anything that you need – everybody needs a helping hand sometimes and nobody knows everything!


If you’d like to contribute to the documentation, the quickest way is to use the “Edit Page” link at the bottom of any page – that’ll allow you to edit any content and send a pull request easily via GitHub.

Although it’s very likely that your help will be accepted without any issue, if you’re planning on making major changes to the structure or content of Freya documentation it’s probably worth discussing it first. Please get in Contact and talk before expending major effort!


As with documentation, the quickest way to contribute is to create a fork on GitHub and submit a pull request. You are also welcome to log issues if you’d like to suggest features, report bugs, or make sure anything else relevant gets noted.

As with documentation, if you’re planning on putting significant effort in to a feature or change, please get in Contact first, to make sure that it’s likely to be accepted in to Freya – and to make sure it’s not already being worked on!