The Freya.Optics.Http.Cors library provides optics from the State to the various aspects of the request and response modelled using the types from Freya.Types.Http.Cors (and other Freya.Types.* libraries where needed). These optics are usable directly within a freya computation expression, working with the optic functions detailed in Optics.

These optics are probably not likely to be commonly used, especially when relying on some of the higher level abstractions available in the Freya stack, but they can be useful for writing new low-level code.

// Working with Freya optics
open Freya.Optics.Http.Cors

// Working directly with the types if required
open Freya.Types.Http.Cors

The optics are all provided under the Request.Headers and Response.Headers modules (e.g. Request.Headers.accessControlAllowOrigin_).